Kay Rynerson, LMT, RTT (Registered Thai Therapist)

In Honor of Kay Rynerson

WA License number MA00003963

On Sunday November 22, 2020, an amazing massage therapist, instructor, mother, wife, and dear friend named Kay Rynerson passed away, “riding my bicycle down a path, surrounded by golden autumn leaves shimmering in the sun… I have lived a wonderful and interesting life, and am filled with joy.”

Many of you knew Kay as an incredible instructor, teaching Thai massage, thumbs-free massage, and more for both Ascend and the annual Self Care Fair. Others knew her as an amazing massage therapist through her in-home practice, Crows Wing Spa. No matter how you knew her, you couldn’t help but be touched by her ready laugh, warm heart, wisdom, generosity, and strength.

Kay survived breast cancer twice before its third and final recurrence. Through it all, she never let it slow her down… bicycling, hiking, chanting, dancing, wearing outrageous hats, traveling abroad, savoring delicious food, laughing, meditating, savoring exotic meals, throwing secret valentine-making parties, and being a light and inspiration to everyone she met.

Kay graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1988 and subsequently studied in Thailand, where she received her teaching certificate in Chiang Mai for Traditional Massage of Thailand. She maintained a private practice in Seattle using many different modalities including Thai massage, table massage, The Rossiter System, Barefoot Body Bliss (with bars in the ceiling), advanced myofascial work, spa treatments, and more, all while teaching classes and workshops both in the Seattle area and internationally.

‘Til we meet again, dear Kay…

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